Our Story

Truthful food, that is raw and pure, is a rarity in today’s world, but our values have always guided us towards nature not away from it, which is why we deliver the finest raw honey New Zealand has to offer.

The search…

What inspired Manuka Love Founder – Faisal, was simply the passion and joy of beekeeping. Meeting and learning from passionate beekeepers, often hobbyists who were hopelessly in love with their craft, hidden in beautiful valleys and wild forests, excelling in honey making and giving pure loyalty to their bees.

Often their honey was far superior in taste and quality when compared with other brands, and it showed in their sustainable beekeeping practice, their blessed remote forests and their raw, artisan harvesting methods have stood the test of time.

After working side by side with local beekeepers around the Northland, Faisal had decided to show case what true Manuka honey tastes like. It was at this point where he decided to bring together an idea and his dream to bring what is now Manuka Love honey to the world stage.

Our Difference

Manuka Love handpicks artisan honey makers and beekeeping partners producing New Zealand’s finest Manuka products through a careful selection process where quality honey, no matter how little produced is fundamentally more important than quantity.   

We believe sustainability plays a vital role in determining quality honey which is why we work with beekeepers who love what they do and have an close connection with their bees and their welfare.

We then build long term friendships with our unique beekeepers who share not only their prized honey, but their unique stories, remote locations, and their beehive family.

Our Philosophy

  • Provide only the best to our customers
  • Protect the value of our unique beekeeping partners
  • Bring raw, natural, cold pressed honey from multiple geographic regions within the North Island.